Overview of Our Research Services

With the vision to be the leading international research consultants of choice, we have a variety of research services we offer. Among the services that we offer are consultation on research proposals, (social, economic, business, medical and natural sciences, etc) research designs and methodology, fieldwork, processing and analyzing data to interpreting and presenting findings to clients. We also offer customized qualitative and quantitative (statistical) research, and conduct market and consumer research, scientific research surveys, etc. and render scientific research services (including market and consumer research, and action research) to public and private organizations.

Research services include:
  • Research Proposal Writing
  • Proof Reading Research Reports
  • Editing Research Reports
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Sampling
  • Sample Size Estimation
  • Data Collection
  • Research Design
  • Population Parameter Estimation
  • Computer Data Capturing
  • Field Work & Data Analysis (I.E., Quantitative And Qualitative Data Collection)


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