Who we are

We are worldwide providers of research services and consultancy in a variety of fields according to our clients’ business model and organisationa culture. provides consulting services in research. Among the services that we offer are consultation on research proposals, (social, economic, business, medical and natural sciences, etc) research designs and methodology, fieldwork, processing and analyzing data to interpreting and presenting findings to clients. We also offer customized qualitative and quantitative (statistical) research, and conduct market and consumer research, scientific research surveys, etc. and render scientific research services (including market and consumer research, and action research) to public and private organizations.


About us


The Market

South Africa was isolated from the rest of the world for many years before 1994. Later on the country’s higher education institutions joined the international research environment with high enthusiasm and quite a lot of researchers and research outputs were generated. Most researchers are based at universities and technikons, research councils and institutes, and not many at other organizations or companies. There are now hundreds of researchers who are known internationally to be leaders in their various research fields. In South Africa, the majority of research in the higher education sector takes place in the country’s top 12 universities, which contributes 34 percent of the country’s research and development initiatives. The National Research Foundation (NRF) spends R43-million each year in an attempt to improve the research activity in the historically disadvantaged institutions. Even though the government focuses on funding post-apartheid development imperatives like housing and basic service supply, it is now prioritizing research. In the year 2001, state funding for research increased by 15%. The challenges the country is facing as a developing country, and with first-world teaching and research facilities at some of the universities and technikons makes available unique opportunities for research in South Africa. We collaborate with some these local institutions as well as foreign institutions and research experts.


Who our clients are

BIK-Research aims to work Internationaly with  firms to solve strategic market growth and entry problems with the majority of them engaging us on multiple projects and across multiple countries globally in government departments, non-government organizations, other public and private organizations as well as university students.  

The needs of the target market

Students need someone to help them with research since it is complex. Public and private companies also need help in scientific research services, particularly the statistics.
Product decisions

The brand name for our business is Bik Research. The full name is Bridging Information and Knowledge International Research Consultancy. The meaning of the name is that we use information to generate knowledge. Our logo is simple; people can easily recognize and remember us.

Keys to success

  • We employ people that are highly qualified and have the right skills, personality as well as education that is necessary for the positions they occupy.
  • The services that are offered to clients are professional and of a high standard. The clients are serviced in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Each employee is unique - depending on how he/she wants to be motivated in his/her work environment. The organization strives to meet all employees’ various needs so that they are satisfied and encouraged. This in turn stimulates productivity in the work that they do.
  • The leadership style that management follows is called participative leadership, which is known to be the best form of leadership because it allows all employees to contribute the ideas they have to any decision the organization takes. When employees are involved in the decision making process, this makes them feel that they are part of the organization. It is good for the business due to the fact that it gives the employees the desire to see the goals and the objectives of the organization being met. They see the business as their own and as a result they respond positively by offering work that is of high quality and high quantity. Once the employees know that they can be trusted and have a valuable contribution they can make towards the decision making, problem solving and anything else that concerns their work, their morale, team spirit and cooperation increase.
  • The business is well equipped in order to render its services.
  • With the services that we offer, employees give their best and outperform. They are high achievers leaving their clients satisfied with the work they have done.
  • We have a lot of business contacts for the research consultancy.




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